Engine Repower

If you own an older model marine engine, or one with exceptionally high fuel usage, you may be considering an engine repower. Prime candidates for an engine repower would be:

  • Older vintage engines, especially unregulated models, pre-1973
  • Two-stroke engines vs. four-stroke
  • Vessels with high annual fuel consumption
  • Vessels that operate in and around areas with lower air quality

An Engine Repower could restore your engine's performance. Performance Diesel

There are good reasons – both economic and environmental – for the investment in an engine repower. A more efficient engine will reduce fuel usage, resulting in lower fuel costs, reduce emissions, and extend the life of the engine.

Whether you’re seeking to lower your fuel costs, or to comply with EPA regulations, Performance Diesel can perform your engine repower and help you meet your goal.

At Performance Diesel, high performance diesel engines are our specialty. We have a staff of highly skilled repair technicians, and a full-line marine parts department representing replacement and service parts from over 100 different product lines, including OEM-manufactured engine parts, instrumentation, filters, hoses and hardware.

To discuss your engine repower with a Performance Diesel representative, call us in the Houston area at (281) 464-2345, or toll free at (877) 702-1234.