Marine Diesel

Marine Diesel boat

Marinediesel engines start out as a base engine from the GM factory in the US. The engine is then modified for marine use, calibrated, painted with high heat marine paint, and assembled by skilled diesel technicians before dynorun and a final run in a test station with checklists. Once all standards have been met, they are then boxed and ready to ship.

The 6.6L common rail engines use Marinediesel/NIRA ECU which allows the engines to be reconfigured with unique features to provide a custom feel for each customer. The engines also incorporate a variable geometry turbo system to provide the low RPM torque and fast throttle response that Marinediesel is known for.

VGT Series

Rating kW Engine model Cyl. Design Cubic capacity, litres
261-373 VGT-LP Series 8 V 90° 6.6 L
261 VGT 350 8 V 90° 6.6 L
299 VGT 400 8 V 90° 6.6 L
336 VGT 450 8 V 90° 6.6 L
373 VGT 500 8 V 90° 6.6 L
373 VGT PowerPak 8 V 90° 6.6 L

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