WaterGuard Filtration

wake boat with waterguard filtrationWaterguard products are designed to help guard against the damaging effects caused by ever present moisture on your vessel. Waterguard products create this protection by utilizing a patented filtration technology along with other advanced moisture control technology products. By maximizing our national and internatioal product availability, Waterguard is here to able you with all of your moisture control preventative maintanence programs. Waterguard’s goal is to assist you in saving your money, equipment, and time.

Waterguards patented filtration media is designed to keep fluids and systems running at their optimum level of efficiency by removing free and emulsified water as well as particle contaminants. Waterguard filters work by trapping water at the molecular level and binding with the actual water molecule to remove it from the material being filtered. This is accomplished by using our proprietary manufacturing process in which we fuse together our patented water removing media and various synthetic filtration materials. This synthetic filtration composition allows for greater holding capacities of water and particle contaminents and helps increase filter longevity. Waterguards portable and fixed filtration systems can be used to prolong equipment life, extend fluid performance, and decrease expensive disposal cost.

  • DESICCANTS: Patented advanced moisture control packets designed to control humidity changes within confined spaces.
  • CORROSIONGUARD: Light dielectric liquid designed to bind with metal surfaces to create a barrier to rust formation and corrosion.
  • THREADGUARD: Grease type product designed to aid in assembly by lubricating threaded parts and preventing long term corrosion.
  • HYDROBLOCK: Patented soft grease like product designed to prevent water ingress by bonding to water and blocking its movement.
  • SPLICEGUARD: Patented one part splice compound designed to repair water caused shorts and block water from entering splices.