VDO Gauges

VDO Gauges for marine equipmentProduct requirements are becoming more complex and the need for a dependable partner increases accordingly – particularly when it comes to boat and navigation equipment that needs to function reliably under even the most strenuous conditions.

With over 50 years of experience as a supplierto the marine industry, VDO offers a wide range of special solutions that apply pioneering technologies to deliver maximum precision, stylish design and genuine ease of use. The all-inclusive turnkey solutions and specially developed components enable optimum system integration. VDO marine products are subject to extensive testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure reliability in even the most demanding deployment scenarios.

Marine Instruments

VDO offers a large selection of first class instruments for engine monitoring and navigation, uniting precision and design variance.


Viewline is the new and forward-looking instrument platform with the highest precision and design variance available. View more

Ocean Link

Ocean Link is used to support engine monitoring on modern sports and leisure boats. VDO has added a modular instrumentation concept, the VDO Ocean Link series, to achieve these results.

Marine Sensors

Flexible and reliable sensors are available for a wide variety of Marine applications.

Pyrometer Sender

  • Measurement of exhaust gas temperature in exhaust manifold.
  • stainless materials
  • adjustable for different pipe diameters

Rudder Angle Sender

  • Measuring the position of the rudder or Z-engine.
  • Oil damped
  • Fine adjustment
  • Universally adaptable
  • Stainless materials

Triducer Multisensors

  • Flexible and reliable – NMEA Triducer Multisensors from VDO.
  • Easy detachment
  • Shielded piezoceramic element
  • Easy to remove impeller element
  • Smart sensors with integrated signal processor