ZF Transmissions

ZF TransmissionsBoats have transported people and goods since man first started exploring his environment and have been a staple in the growth of our world. Safety, reliability and efficiency have been steadily improved as our technology has become more advanced – especially since the invention of propulsion systems. ZF Marine, a leading supplier of marine propulsion systems for all types of vessels, is committed to continuous development using advanced technology and high quality standards.
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ZF Marine transmissions cover a power range from 10 to 14,000 kW and are available in many configurations to suit all types of vessels and machinery arrangements. Small, mechanically operated transmissions are typically fitted in sailboats and small craft. A wide range of compact, hydraulically operated transmissions, including 2-Speed versions, are suitable for pleasure craft and other fast vessels. Larger models are being specially designed for defense craft and high-speed ferries. For commercial ocean-going vessels including freighters and tankers, options such as heavy-duty transmissions with various PTOs and PTIs can be chosen to match medium-speed diesel engines.


ZF Marine’s propulsion control systems are at the leading edge of electronics technology. The products incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance to give optimum compatibility with each system. A wide range of systems means the proper equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of vessel or application – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station.


ZF Marine offers a full range of controllable pitch propellers from a diameter of 6 meters for commercial application and high quality down to fixed pitch propellers of 1.5 meters for pleasure / fast craft application. Each propeller is custom-designed to match the characteristics of your vessel and its engines. Various blade section profiles are available for attaining the highest quality, efficiency and performance.

Bow Thrusters

The new line available of electric bow thrusters for yachts from ZF with counter-rotating propellers provides up to 20% more thrust.A noise reduction of up to 10 db(A) is achieved with the patented tunnel design that minimizes cavitation and offers a quiet and enjoyable ride. Powered by electronically controlled AC motors, these bow thrusters are suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Shaftline Systems

ZF Marine supplies complete shaftline systems including transmissions, propellers, shafts, stuffing boxes, struts and rudders as well as electronic control systems. If necessary, the components can be customized to meet the requirements of the ship designer, engine supplier or end-user. This allows the customer to receive a full customized system that is optimized and integrated to meet all of the highest quality standards from one source.

POD Drives

ZF Marine’s efficient and compact POD-drives provide unparalleled maneuverability, safety and ease of control. Reliable, smooth, hydraulic power steers the pods and actuates the integrated trim-tabs, which automatically adjust to any situation, guaranteeing optimum performance, comfort and security. Boat owners can experience fuel savings (up to 30%), faster cruising speeds (up to 15%) and higher top speeds (up to 15%), compared to traditional shaftline propulsion systems.

Surface Drives

No matter what application, advanced surface-drive systems from ZF Marine ensure unprecedented reliability and ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the boat. The SeaRex drive concept is designed to perfectly match modern, high-output engines, incorporating a robust and compact hydraulic steering and trim system. The MiniRex series is reliable and within the modern product range and the reach of the average boat owner who wants an excellent surface-drive for pleasure or sport usage to give your boat great performance, maneuverability, fuel-saving efficiency and environmental friendliness!

Sail Drive

The SailDrive is a propulsion system for sailboats for which ZF can claim a profound application experience. The system allows for the engine to be positioned during install facing the bow or facing the stern; thus considerably reducing vibrations and noise on board. The ZF SailDrive can be matched with a large range of fixed or foldable propellers which are able to propel the vessel powerfully in both forward and reverse gear.

Propulsion Packages

Experience counts in such a harsh and unforgiving marine environment. For over 50 years ZF Marine has created products to withstand such elements and has built up a reputation for high quality, high performance transmissions, ideally suited for application in all types of vessels and environments. Over the years, ZF Marine has expanded its product portfolio and can now provide complete, turnkey packages especially for commercial vessels driven by medium-speed Diesel engines.

Azimuth Thrusters

There is a wide range of steerable azimuth thrusters, which include well-mounted thrusters, retractable thrusters and deck-mounted thrusters available in fixed pitch, CP and CRP versions for power up to 2,700 kW. With such a variety available, it is easy to match the best option with your vessel.

Tunnel Thrusters

These auxiliary propulsion units considerably increase the vessels maneuverability. This is particularly effective when combined with traditional shaftline propulsion systems.
A special version of this thruster system is suspended in a rubber sealing. This reduces “structure borne noise” significantly and makes it possible to remove the thruster easily from the vessel for future maintenance needs.

Shallow Draft Thrusters

This is a compact thruster system design which allows 360° steering with water intake and nozzle within one circle. This thruster with particular high thrust for installed power is available in combination with the arrangement of steerable thrusters and tunnel thrusters.